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Superintendent - Kevin Lacy

Kevin Lacy is the General Superintendent for ICFP, Inc. He has 16 years of fire sprinkler experience which include installation, estimating, project management, and personnel management. Kevin started his career in fire protection as an apprentice at International Fire Protection (IFP) in May of 1999 and moved to Industrial Commercial Fire Protection (ICFP) in June of 2005.

At IFP Kevin worked as an apprentice under Gene Davidson (now Vice President of ICFP) where he quickly leaned the skills and knowledge he needed to make him an excellent Sprinkler Fitter. Kevin's work ethic and desire to learn enabled him to finish his apprenticeship early and immediately became a foreman. Kevin worked as a foreman for IFP for approximately 2 years.

In June of 2005 Kevin followed his mentor Gene Davidson (Vice President) to ICFP where he became a Job Forman. As a Job Forman, Kevin quickly gained the reputation of always being finished on time and under budget. He also gained the reputation of being able to communicate with the prime contractor and other trades; he learned very early that communication and a good working relationship between trades made it easier for everyone to have an efficient and profitable project. Kevin ran many different types of jobs in many different locations, where he received favorable commendations from the Prime Contractor. As Superintendent, Kevin mentored many other men that are now job foremen for ICFP.

Because of his great success as a Job Foreman Kevin became General Superintendent in November of 2013. Since that time he has completed courses and seminars to build his skills and to help him be the best General Superintendent that he can be, these courses include:

  • Computer based systems
  • AutoCAD
  • Some Sprinkler Design
  • Estimating
  • Project management
  • Personal management

Kevin's objective is to bring the new skills that he has obtained along with his mentality to work safe, be efficient, communicate with others, and be finished on time and under budget to the entire ICFP work force so that ICFP can provide our customer with best quality, hassle free product in the industry.

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